Can I Return a Book?

New textbooks can be returned for a refund as long as it's within 30 days of the order or two weeks after the start of the class. Ebooks can be returned within 14 days. Items that may be ineligible for return are marked "non-returnable" at checkout. If you miss a deadline to return or you ordered a book that is not returnable, you can always sell it on the Marketplace. 

Can I Sell My Book Back?

You can post any textbook for sale on the Marketplace, name the price you want to sell it for, and wait for someone to buy it. Some textbooks come with a guaranteed buyback price, which you can choose to return at the end of the term for that price, or you can keep it or sell it for a different price. When you sell through the website, you're paid either by a deposit to your bank account or by store credit (store credit gets 5% extra!).

How to sell on the TextbookX Marketplace:

  • Become a member or log in to your account here. Please note, you’ll need to provide us with your name, address, and accurate bank account information so that payment can be made. Our full privacy policy can be found below.
  • Enter the ISBN of the book that you would like to sell into the search field. Alternatively, you can search for the product using our search box, then click "Sell your book” on the product detail page.
  • Confirm the item's listing information (title, author, binding, etc.)
  • Rate the item according to its condition.
  • Assign a price to your item.
  • Upload your listing so it can be seen by TextbookX customers.
Once the item is sold, you will receive an email including details of the sale and a printable address label. Be sure to attach the address label to your package in accordance with our Packaging Guidelines. You will need to pay for shipping at the provider of your choice. You can also purchase a shipping label from us. Automated payments, including a shipping credit, will be made to your account after the package is received. You will need to update tracking through your account in order to be paid.

Paying With Financial Aid Voucher

If you are eligible for financial aid funds you can purchase your textbooks using your financial aid voucher. 

Use the link to access the online bookstore: Mitchell Tech Online Book Store

Next to your name in the upper right-hand corner, you will see "Book Voucher" this will let you know if you are able to purchase your books with the voucher. 


Proceed with your book order as you normally would, when it comes time to pay at check out be sure to select "charge this order to your book voucher": (be sure to uncheck the use a credit or debit card check box)

Finish the order by selecting submit payment. (you do not need to add a school voucher code or discount code)


Tracking Your Book Order

Use the link to access the online bookstore: Mitchell Tech Online Book Store

Look for your name in the upper right corner and click the drop-down arrow:


From here you can track your purchases and view the tracking numbers.


How to Choose Which Book

NEW - a brand new book purchased from the textbook store, would be eligible for return during the 30-day return window. 

MARKETPLACE - purchase a used or new book from book vendors across the nation at discounted prices.  This option would not be eligible for return.

eBOOK - do not receive a physical book, instead, a link to the book would be available to you as soon as the purchase is complete. Eligible for return during the 14-day return window.

What Is The Marketplace?

The Marketplace is where students and book vendors across the nation buy and sell books at discounted prices.

*Please note, Marketplace items do not qualify for free shipping and are non-returnable.